Crysis Game
Crysis Game

Celebrate, for we most probably are getting a new Crysis game soon!

PC gamers have been hoping for a long time now for a new version of Crysis game to be launched. Their hope has been revived mutliple times in history. This year, an April Fool’s joke had been posted on the Crysis website. This showed a funked up nomad among light flashes. At first, it most certainly did not appear to be a joke. However, after some serious digging, the words ‘April Fools’ were discovered. Last year, as well as in March in 2020 there have been incidents where Cry Engine tech demo has revived the hope for a new Crysis game. It has become most certain that a new game will be launched because of a tweet on the offical tweet handle.

The tweet that reads, “RECEIVING DATA”, which is the first tweet since 2016. However, in 2016 most tweets were about merchandising. This one seems to be the proof of the launch of a new game.

This is a long way from a normal tweet. At the end of the day, we’re way past April 1 here. For the record, that “April Fool” tag is still in the source. With the customary E3 time span under two months away, it’s not bizarre for us to see game declarations start to show up this season. Furthermore, however we’ll generally consider Crysis a PC game, another age of consoles could be a potential exhibit for another Crysis.

It makes sense, considering, teases that have been seen in the CryEngine demos recently in the past. The video by CryEngine from March displays a Nomad approaching the beach. This nomad appears from the jungle on the island and going into stealth mode.

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Different games were showed by another CryEngine video from September last year. Close to the end of the video, an Island is shown. This appears to be the island from Crysis, itself. The camera advances through the thick tropical shade and develops on a precipice on a sea shore with cool blue waters. This scene has some commonplace milestones from the Crysis games. And afterward there’s a audio cue of a Nanosuit being turned on.

With the presentation of new age comforts, Crysis which was basically a PC game could wander into new waters too. This appears to be all around validated with Microsoft Xbox official record instantly answering to the tweet.

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