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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been locked in our houses for weeks now. Hence, most people have opted for activities such as scrolling through social media, etc. However, many people have also started to binge watch TV shows, and movies.

Google recently announced the release of a new tool that allows streaming TV and movie fans to build a watch list, making it easier for them to keep track of shows they watch or are interested in. Additionally, this update also offers data that can help users decide what to watch next on streamers such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+.

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It is difficult to keep track of all the shows one has watched or intends to watch. Thanks to Google, our lives have been made much simpler. Google has created a movie tracker that makes this task very easy.

As part of a bigger announcement, on Wednesday, Google announced the launch of its new Watchlist feature. Google announcement elaborates, “You can already find TV and movie recommendations in Search and today we’re adding a new Watchlist tab on mobile so that you can keep track of what to watch next.”

You can use this feature by starting with a Google search for “what to watch.” Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account first. Consequently, you would view two choices, “Explore” and “Watchlist.” Select “Watchlist”. This enables you to add movies and shows to a master list.

In the “Explore” section, you would find an enormous selection of content on all the huge streaming services. This allows you to learn more about options including where to watch them. Furthermore, just by tapping, you can add those shows and movies to your already running watchlist.

For example, this is what you would see when you do a Google search for “what to watch”, and click the thumbnail for the Tiger King docu-series on Netflix:

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The info-box that pops up displays details such as where you can watch the show, review information from websites including Google, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and a ribbon you can click on to add the show to your watch list.

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Since the Watchlist feature is now live, it can be used via mobile devices, and also the Android TV. After the update, Android TV users will now see three new rows from YouTube on their home screen, including:

  • COVID-19 News, offering the latest news and updates from publishers and local health authorities
  • Stay Home #WithMe, which displays videos that invite you to cook, listen to live music, and work out
  • Free movies from YouTube, which shows movies you can watch for free with ads.

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