Those of you hoping for a better entry-level price on LG OLED TVs will surely be disappointed. All LG customers are getting enthusiastic as the date of LG’s 48-inch OLED TV is coming closer. It is expected to be released soon and is slated to sell for around $1,800, well it’s not a cheap option by any means. This could be seen as a misstep for the Korean tech company, as there are surely many who have been sidelined in recent years due to the high prices of OLED TVs. If the new offer boasted of being priced under $1,000, it could have pushed on-the-fence consumers to buy one.

Furthermore, it is called CX OLED, this is LG’s first foray into the 48-inch size for its successful OLED lineups. The other sizes for the CX series will arrive in the coming months: April could see the 65-inch model and May for the 77-inch monster. Previously, the cheapest LG OLED TV available has been the B Series, like the LG B9 OLED. The 55-inch model is priced at $1,300, the 65-inch at $1,900, and the 77-inch giant at $4,200.

The highest price LG has set for the 48-inch may have to do with the additional costs that are inevitably needed to create new production lines for the smaller offering. Or LG might have wanted to see how the market will react to such a small OLED TV. If the demand is strong, LG will probably think it made the right decision, only time will tell.

Nevertheless, you as a consumer have the option to buy this product. As it will be a completely new offer, the price tag will naturally be high, and as the months go by and other models come into the line, the price will sink. We have all seen this before and if you really want to get that good deal, just wait on Black Friday.

Despite the frustrations over the price, the 48-inch TV will come with all the usual perks of LG’s OLED offerings: fantastic picture quality, accurate colors, deeper blacks, and unmatched uniformity and contrast levels. Both the B9 and C9 series have also shown that the wide-angle display is second to none.

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