Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air

The all-new MacBook Air by Apple’s company is offering so much and it comes under $999. As the MacBook Pro now offers better performance which is faster up to 2 times. Plus, the all-new magic keyboard and double the storage space.

According to the press conference from California. The Apple company said in the conference regarding the updated MacBook Air.

What’s new in this series?

It has 2 faces for speed2 and graphics performance up to 80 for speed, 3 times for customers to play daily activities and play multiple games. While, the 256 GB of storage space which lets the users of MacBook Air store memory, photos, and archive.

Another great feature is this bright 13-inch Retina patella for vivid images and crisp text, Touch ID for ignition on and safekeeping, roomy trackpad and all-day battery life integrated with the power of macOS Catalina, it is the best MacBook Air ever finished by Apple.

Apart from the features, they also said that they are offering a huge update, with twice as fast performance, the new magic keyboard, twice the storage space, a new lower price of $999 and an even lower price of $ 899 for tutoring or for the education sector.

In addition, “Tom declared Boger, Apple Director of Advertising for Mac and iPad Products. ” With an astonishing, thin and light disk, the Retina bright display, all-day battery life and the power and ease of use of macOS, MacBook Air is the best consumer notebook in the world. “

Faster Daily Performance Feature

This version of MacBook is designed to give higher speed for daily activities, from organizing photos to creating presentations, to editing videos. Over the time its takings with generic generation Intel Core in a 1.2 GHz Core i7 memory with 3.8 GHz Turbo Boost. Loaded with Intel Iris Plus technology, MacBook Air or the power of graphics performance up to 80% faster, so graphics-intensive activity like playing and editable videos are faster than ever.

Apple’s MacBook Air
The new MacBook Air with Intel Iris Graphics makes graphics-intensive activities like editing video faster than ever.
Source: Apple

Additional Features

It also offers an amazing three-microphone array for clearer voice capture for FaceTime calls with friends and family.  It has one of the manufacturing’s best Force Touch trackpad for precise cursor control and multi-touch navigation. Another great feature is thunderbolt 3 ports for data transfer, charging and video output in a single connector.

Furthermore, the extremely high-speed support for an external display up to 6 KB, a novelty for MacBook Air. Lastly, it has great advanced stereo speakers for all-encompassing and wide stereo sound for activities like watching Apple TV + content or playing with Apple Arcade. It also has a magic keyboard and double storage.

Apple’s MacBook Air
MacBook Air features advanced stereo speakers for immersive, wide stereo sound and a three-mic array for more clear voice capture during FaceTime calls. Source: Apple

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