Apple Plans to Start Reopening Retail Stores in First Half of April

Today Apple corporation has conversant its employees that they might think and plans to reopen Apple stores from the first half of April, according to Bloomberg website. Marketing provisions shops will not reopen all at once and are likely to remain closed longer in areas with more prevalent outbreaks.

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has closed all its Apple Store locations outside of China. Although originally slated to reopen on March 27, Apple has updated that timeline to “until further notice” as his deadly virus is spreading rapidly.

Furthermore, it shows from the recent notice which has been given to their employees. According to an internal note sent to employees of the Apple Store and viewed by VentureBeat, the technology giant of Cupertino expects to reopen its Apple offices in early April. In the U.S., in particular, it appears that Apple is scheduling to reopen retail outlets on a staggered basis instead of concurrently.

On the other hand, the new retail plans come on the same day that President Donald Trump said he hopes to reopen the country’s commercial processes by Easter, which will take place on April 12 this year, the Wall Street Journal reported from the sources.  The corporation also started urging Apple park to work from home in early March, it eventually implemented flexible and remote work arrangements in all its offices outside of Greater China.

In the internal memo, O’Brien said that Apple will extend its work from home policies until April 5 at the earliest and reevaluate these agreements on a weekly basis depending on the staff’s position. In addition to directing Apple’s retail operations, O’Brien is also the company’s chief of staff, so the guide is likely to refer to office employees as well.

In addition to the reports the San Francisco Bay Area, where Apple Park is located, and the whole state of California are still under the control of the government on the spot and of the home mandates. Aside from IT and core infrastructure personnel, these mandates prevail over Apple’s policies in the affected areas.

This timing is much faster than many public health experts recommend. And while the COVID-19 pandemic is a tremendously fluid situation, the epidemic is likely to continue until April. For this reason, Apple is likely to maintain its deep cleansing and anti-diffusion measures in its stores.

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