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Apple new headset

This piece of news is for all Apple lovers. Apple’s augmented reality is the next big news and Apple has invested in the development of AR technology. The all-new and exciting ARKit and RealityKit from Apple. It showed us AR features together with tools like Reality Composer, Reality Converter and many more. According to the company they said to be working on an AR / VR headset with a better and enhanced outlook.

What to expect from Appleā€™s AR Headset?

Apple has already introduced the LiDAR scanner on the new iPad Pro and is expected to arrive in the new iPhone 12 series. It is quite natural for the iPhone maker to launch an AR / VR headset combination. According to reports, Apple may launch the new AR headset in 2021 or 2022.

In addition, the Apple AR headset is under construction. Based on a MacRumors report revealed significant evidence of the AR headset design in a leaked build of iOS 14, which has also been in circulation. The report also provides us with an image of iOS 14 that appears to be a generic-looking controller for an AR / VR headset. Apparently, the Apple AR headset looks quite familiar to the HTC Vive Focus headset, launched in 2018. The design coincides with a Bloomberg report that Apple engineers were working closely with HTC Vive hardware for testing purposes.

Apple AR Glasses
Source: MacRumors

The final product can be much more polished before reaching consumers. Apple AR Applications Various reports on the iOS 14 code have given us a lot of information on what to expect. This includes a new augmented reality app with a codename “Gobi”, which is believed to be using QR codes to test AR experiences on the Apple AR headset. The Gobi app could trigger experiences related to the Apple Watch, the Apple Store or even Starbucks and a movie poster.

Additionally, Apple is said to be developing an AR experience called a “crosswalk bowling game”. The game is believed to allow players to roll a virtual bowling ball through a pedestrian crossing to knock down virtual pins. While not sure when these apps or the Apple AR headset will be launched, it simply confirms that the company is deeply invested in AR / VR technology.

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