apple company
apple company

According to the media reported that Cupertino technology giant Apple plans to purchase California-based company NextVR. We heard from the sourses that Apple plans to buy the company in a $100 million deal. Now That’s something big!! Let’s dig into the details.

Furthermore, this exceptional NextVR is a company that mixes VR with sports, music, and entertainment previously. It also offers its viewers to watch VR experiences to watch live events on VR headsets from PlayStation, HTC, Oculus, Google, Microsoft and other manufacturers, according to MacRumors.  

According to the NextVR’s website, the company has partnered with NBA, Wimbledon, Fox Sports, WWE and many more. We also heard this company which is the California-based company has struggled in recent years, resulting in a 40 percent cut in staff recently. Although the iPhone has yet to disclose the amount of the acquisition, NextVR employees have been told that they will need to move from Southern California to Cupertino.

In addition, Apple’s rumored augmented reality glasses (AR) are also under development and can be launched by 2022. The company is developing two products that they are wearing, including a built-in AR / VR headset for release in 2022 and “full” augmented reality glasses for its 2023 launch. Let us know in the comment section what you think about this.

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