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Apple Issues New Warning Affecting iPad And iPhone Users

Apple iOS 13 is a disaster as the Apple has implemented months to resolve. Regrettably, to inform that the related issues and problem persists which Apple is still not completely in the offing on the open. Now iPad and iPhone owners face a major delinquent that Apple prefers not to tell.

Furthermore, according to an internal MacRumors communication, Apple announced that if the Apple service is first conventional, it will expect users of iOS 13 and iPad OS 13 to experience personal hotspot problems and it will affect cellular data performance. Even if the company does not make them recognize that nobody will commonly solve these problems. These problems seem to cover the version of iOS 13 all models compatible with iPad and iPhone.

According to the Bussiness insider, it is confirmed that Apple has released a second warning which is published publicly, for the customer who sent their phones for repairs to Apple stores.

Now we all are aware of because the outbreak of Coronavirus Apple facing a challenge of COVID-19, customers will not get their phones till the Apple stores re-open. According to the spokesman for the company, the spokesman has said that it is confirmed users will not be able to get their phones back until the stores reopen.

Formerly, Apple had strategic to reopen their closed stores on March 27th, but altered “until further notice” on March 17. Though, there is a silver coating for iPhone owners who have requested that their phones be sent offsite to dedicated repair centers. Apple says it will try to ship these (repaired) devices directly to the owners, rather than the standard practice of sending them to a local Apple Store for collection due to the on-going situation.

In addition, Apple states its contractors that iPad and iPhone users exaggerated by the personal hotspot bug will find that they might suffer from frequent disconnections or might fail to connect to them at all. Keep in mind the problem of the data, it is difficult to control the iPad or iPhone without Wi-Fi connection.

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