Apple iPhone 12
Apple iPhone 12 concept showing LiDAR module merged with iPhone 11 Pro camera modules

Apple recently released its biggest iPhone 2020 update. Now it’s all been put together to reveal the most radical iPhone in years. The acknowledgment goes to the efforts of the tag team of the disassembly specialist iFixit and the popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro), with the first one taking apart the new Apple iPad Pro to expose its extraordinary new LiDAR scanner and the second to understand how perfectly fits the iPhone 12. The result is a truly spatial device.

What’s exciting about this new radical iPhone?

Part of the iFixit puzzle is the dissection of the LiDAR scanner, which exposes two modules with an objective consisting of a VCSEL transmitter and a reception sensor. The transmitter works a bit like Face ID, emitting a series of infrared points that the sensor detects. But it’s the design of the module itself that pays homage to Apple’s iPhone 12 plans.

Apple iPhone 12 Concept
Apple iPhone 12 concept design based on leaks. Photo Credit: EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO

Another great thing about is that by filling in the gaps, Koroy scaled the LiDAR module and mapped it to the hardware of the iPhone 11 Pro, revealing: “that the two pieces even click together with the current iPhone 11 Pro lens.” The downside is that it suggests that Apple won’t make any dramatic changes to the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max camera hardware for the iPhone 12. But that’s not surprising given the enormous upsurge in the quality of these models, from iPhone XS and XS max. The downside, looking at the early developer demos is that the LiDAR scanner appears to be a real differential from rivals and a real game-changer.

The cynics will suggest that support for LiDAR is not available. But that’s exactly why Apple released the sensor at the start of the iPad Pro 2020 range. The strategy means that when the iPhone 12 is launched it can achieve success thanks to a large number of tools and transformative games of AR and VR.

Besides, the LiDAR which is the icing on the cake. We already know that Apple has equipped all iPhone 12 models with a potentially revolutionary A14 chipset, stolen the stormy ProMotion update speeds of the iPad Pro and is displaying them on Samsung’s post-Galaxy S20 OLED panels. 5G is also a fact, although it can also stand out because Apple is currently building custom 5G antennas.

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