Call Of Duty: Mobile
Call Of Duty: Mobile

Gamers! Here are the updates you have been waiting for Call of Duty: Mobile has been updated to Season 5.  It comes with a host of new features, updates, and a new Battle Pass which is called Steel Legion. In addition, this all-new season should now be available to players. Here’s a quick tour of things that have been added to the game.

All-Improved Weapon

As part of the Steel Legion season, players can earn a new weapon called GKS. This is a machine gun with improved range and mutilation compared to most SMGs. You can assume of a weapon that sits between an SMG and an assault rifle.

Wait what? It has New killstreak

At level 25 of the Battle Pass, players will crack a new Killstreak named Shock RC. This is a small remote-control car that hits and stuns opponents on interaction. This will allow your team followers to finish them. How it looks? it looks more like a support Killstreak, similar to the MQ-27 Dragonfire drone.

Premium Battle Pass Advantages

Those who pay for the Premium Battle Pass get the new Reaper mask. Reaper is an experimental war robot and looks very different from previously available human masks. At level 12, players will unlock the mask of David Mason, the main protagonist of Black Ops II and the son of Black Ops I protagonist Alex Mason. In addition to this, the player will also unlock legendary weapon skills as he progresses through the levels.

New game mode Feature

As the name suggests, the mode sees four players split into two teams as they fight multiple rounds. Each round has a different charge and to win, players must eliminate the other two players within the time limit or the match will go into “overtime”. During overtime, players can take down the enemy or win by capturing the flag. If neither happens during overtime, then the healthiest team wins. It should be noted that there is no health regeneration in this mode, and dead players will only respawn at the beginning of the next round.

The Warfare Returns To Battle Royale

Warfare plus has returned to Battle Royale. However, unlike last time, players can choose to play First Person (FFP). To remember, Battle Royale Warfare is similar to the classic Battle Royale, but players are divided into two teams of 20 players each, and once the players die they reappear. The first time to hit 150 kills, wins.

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