Call of duty Modern Warfare Season 3 is officially updated with the new operator and with many new features. As one of the biggest changes to this just dropped update is the Warzone Battle Royale multiplayer mode. The most important feature, Loadout Drop, has been increased to a massive $10,000 compared to previous costs of $6,000 and $8,500.

Many players around the world have said that Loadout Drop affects the balance of the game; raising it to a higher price will definitely make things easier. Since it’s a unique feature in Warzone, Loadout Drop allows players to summon an airdrop that comes with already loaded all-unlocked items and weapons, which can be crucial in the game.

Another exciting change to Warzone is that players can now see their distance from each other which will help all teams stay together and follow each other. This patch also fixed a bug that allowed the player to become invincible once they fell while switching seats on Tac Rover.


The weapons on both Modern Warfare and Warzone were changed in the update as well. AKimbo’s weapons now contain two additional magazines instead of just one. VLK Rogue Shotgun is now more popular when players shoot from the hip. In addition to that they have reduced the goal of aiming slugs to spread scenes.

Here are the New Features

In the multiplayer section, you will find these new maps which are now live in this updated game.

  • Talsik Backlot is a remake of the classic Backlot map.
  • Hovec Sawmill is a three-lane 6vs6 map set in a sleepy village.
  • Aniyah Incursion is a smaller version of Aniyah Palace designed for 6vs6 gameplay.
  • GENERAL FIXES: In this new update, clan tags won’t appear twice anymore. They also fixed a bug where some players could encounter corruption in graphics that cause screens to have a black shadow. They lowered the max amount of XP that the Decoy Grenade assists have been giving, and only one dog can now appear in the squad walk-in on the main multiplayer menu.
  • WEAPONS: The update also changed weapon names to match weapon logos. They also have tightened the pellet spread on the Slug 6-r Mags on the model 680 and decreased ADS on the shotgun slugs. The smoke grenade can now emit any smoke from the grenade when being fired.
  • WARZONE: Gas mask animations have been fixed in this update, and a redeploy option can now appear on screen while spectating a player in the Gulag. An issue has been fixed where deploying a Recon Drone would use the VO lines for a Personal Radar. Players can now also revive teammates without being interrupted by initial revive animation.
  • BATTLE ROYALE: Killstreaks and armor plates are usable, LOSS Column for BR has been removed and is now replaced with Top 10s. They also fixed issues with the seld-revive in solos. The patch also removed blood splatters, and the screen shakes when you’re being punched in the Gulag.

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