Monday, November 29, 2021
apple company

Apple Plans to Purchase Virtual Reality Firm NextVR for $100 Million

According to the media reported that Cupertino technology giant Apple plans to purchase California-based company NextVR. We heard from the sourses that Apple plans to buy the company in...
Apple iPhone 12

Apple’s iPhone 12 Suddenly Takes Shape With LiDAR Scanner

Apple recently released its biggest iPhone 2020 update. Now it's all been put together to reveal the most radical iPhone in years. The acknowledgment goes to the efforts of...
Apple releases new COVID-19 app and website

Apple developed coronavirus screening app and website incorporation with CDC and White House

Recently, Apple released a website and COVID-19 app with a screening tool. It has all the information on the coronavirus pandemic. Apple’s statement on this is that the app...
AR Glasses

Apple is working on the AR Glasses, Plans to Launch in 2021

This piece of news is for all Apple lovers. Apple's augmented reality is the next big news and Apple has invested in the development of AR technology. The all-new...
Apple Macbook Air

The Innovative Apple MacBook Air – Detailed Review

Apple company is making history with its new and enhanced features. In many ways, this new and updated Apple's MacBook Air is the prototype of what a laptop should be: light...

Apple campaigns to reopen some Apple Store locations in the first half of April

Today Apple corporation has conversant its employees that they might think and plans to reopen Apple stores from the first half of April, according to Bloomberg website. Marketing provisions...
Apple Iphone

Apple surreptitiously sends new alert affecting millions of iPad and iPhone users

Apple iOS 13 is a disaster as the Apple has implemented months to resolve. Regrettably, to inform that the related issues and problem persists which Apple is still not...
Apple MacBook Air

All-New Apple’s MacBook Air now cost only $999

The all-new MacBook Air by Apple’s company is offering so much and it comes under $999. As the MacBook Pro now offers better performance which is faster up to...
Apple iPad Pro with Trackpad Support

Apple announces an amazing New iPad Pro with Trackpad Support

According to the recent press release of Apple company, where Apple has announced new reproductions of the iPad Pro. While, this model has additional and enhanced features.