Facebook Care Emoji
Facebook Care Emoji

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused most of the world’s population to be locked in their houses. During this stressful time, people have nothing to do. Hence, most people have engaged in several activities. A lot of people have started spending more time scrolling through social media. Among these social media platforms, Facebook, is a popular go-to for most of the global population.

Facebook recently announced it would create and launch a new reaction called “Care”, in order to show support. This will appear alongside other reaction buttons which include the like button, the heart, and the laughing, shock, sadness, and anger emojis. Facebook also announced the launch of these emojis on Twitter.

In 2015, Facebook expanded the list of reactions from a basic ‘thumbs up’ to other reactions including the heart, and the laughing, shock, sadness, and anger emojis. They added these specifically to enable people to show more empathetic and ‘real’ responses. Hence this ‘care’ button is the first added reaction by Facebook since 2015.

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This reaction will be available on Facebook from the following week. On the Facebook app, it will be displayed as an emoji face, hugging a heart. On the other hand, on the Messenger app, it will be seen as a beating heart.

Most certainly, this gesture won’t provide people’s incomes. Neither will it provide food for the starving. However, this minor act makes it easier for people to show support for their loved ones and express themselves. This makes the app more useful. It is just another way of showing love and empathy by people. This is much needed during this troublesome time.

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Facebook has been making immense efforts to do something useful in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak. Facebook has tried to weed out false information about the coronavirus from its platform. On Thursday, the web giant announced it would notify users if they had ‘liked’ or reacted to any post containing misleading information about the Coronavirus.

Facebook is also providing grants to small businesses that are supporting public health initiatives to spread important information. Facebook is also providing grants to people in the media who are reporting the coronavirus news. Lastly, this social media platform is also donating masks to those in need.

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