Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2

According to the recent news circling on the internet after Facebook just leaked the brand new ‘Oculus Quest 2’ VR headset. What’s new in these leaked headphones is that it’s all-new Oculus Quest is a separate VR headset with combined cameras for one-to-one care. Another thing you should know about this headset is that it has waves in the world of virtual reality for its belligerent prices and its wireless involvement. Though it is too initial to declare a successor, we may have confirmation that it exists. It might also know as the code name ‘Del Mar’ advises that an Oculus Quest 2 may be in progress.

Now comes the inside details of the Oculus Quest which is still a nascent virtual reality platform, but it appears Facebook may already be looking to the future.

As far according to a UploadVR discovery. The documentation on the developer side of the Facebook site shows multiple references to a developing ‘Del Mar’ headset paired with a new ‘Jedi’ driver. This naming outline ties the code names given to earlier Oculus projects (beaches or cities in California), so it’s safe to say it’s an headset.

From more detail research on the API present in the developer documentation also indicates that the headset is a mobile separate headset, ruling out somewhat in the Rift line that needs to be connected to a PC. An earlier interview oblique that an Oculus Go replacement may forgo drivers in the conversation for cameras and manual tracking. Additional increasing the likelihood of an Oculus Quest 2. Regrettably, there isn’t much other information other than that something exists. We are waiting for more leaks about it.

As it still unclear what would progress on a beneficiary to Oculus Quest, aside from things expected, as a more powerful podium than the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

Furthermore, the fit and comfort enhancements to prevent light flow will be valued, and additions will be appreciated. As a Bluetooth headphone holder, but at this point it is too early to venture. If the codename indicates a new Oculus Quest, all we can say is that it will be different (and hopefully better) than the current version, with a new controller configured to boot.

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