Facebook's News Feed Dark Mode
Facebook's News Feed Dark Mode

Every year or so, the Facebook team tries to experiment and present a new user-friendly outlook of their home page for its users. Recently, according to the new updates, Facebook officially launched its desktop redesign that offers dark mode, tabbed home screen, and a cleaner profile.

The official Facebook states through the TechCrunch that “starting today, most people on Facebook will have access to the new desktop design,” which Facebook declared at last year’s F8 meeting. Now as it’s officially the most users can opt to turn on the redesign before it becomes the default for everyone later this year.

You can follow these steps to start the redesign of Facebook.com. All you have to do is go to the Settings menu and click on the “Switch to New Facebook”. You can also disable it, For that, all users can go back and press “Switch to Classic Facebook”.

While, like Facebook in progress challenging the launch publicly in October and it seems that positive feedback has led to the launch at the moment. Furthermore, the previous Facebook team also updated the outlook of messenger a few weeks after Facebook hurled an essential redesign of Messenger that removed its Discover tab. The company has spent the past two years promising to simplify its apps after a decade of visually making them more complex.

The updated redesign of the desktop offers an amazing shortened navigation through the tabs for groups, marketplaces, watches and more at the top of the main screen. The home page and transitions also load faster which is great for its users. Plus, the larger fonts and more sensitive layouts facilitate movement. Another great update is that Facebook is also fast moving up the creation of events, pages, groups, and declarations. You will essentially be able to perform what these things look like on mobile devices before sharing them.

In specific, Facebook’s new design brings dark mode, which can be turned on and off via a button in the Settings drop-down menu. It is premeditated to minimize screen glare while maintaining contrast so that your eyes don’t get damaged with a white background while in a dark room.

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