Fortnite updates
Fortnite updates

Following its latest update comes the patch updates for Fortnite, which brings the game to version 12.21. The epic website revealed on Monday’s business plans, stating that it will be implemented earlier than usual. Once arrived, players are likely to access some new cosmetics and more, but the company has been unusually silent about what it plans.

Furthermore, Epic usually releases its Fortnite apprises on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 ET, but we will drop version 12.21 a little earlier at 2:00 ET / 23:00 PT, the company said in a downtime tweet. The company predictably didn’t tell players what they planned for this update and we shouldn’t expect to get the patch note.

From time to time, these updates are the source of big losses that reveal what will come in the next apprise, but this time is not the case. Everything has been relatively uneventful when it comes to data mining and there is little value to keep from the Fortnite official news feed. Lucas7yoshi leaked into tomorrow’s Item Shop, however, there‚Äôs this an Epic employee recently made fun of Reddit who has “incredible things” planned for Fortnite’s future, but it’s unlikely that we will see anything extraordinary coming tomorrow. It’s possible that something that involves the game’s Deadpool bond will change, but I’m a fan waiting until tomorrow to see if anything comes from this.

Some changes have been made to the game in the past few days, but most of the same bug fixes and tweaks. The Remote Explosives weapon was dried out late last week, for example, and the company recently removed some Slurp Trucks because a bug caused them to randomly disappear.

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