Google Launches Educational Coronavirus Website
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Just in!! as the outbreak of Coronavirus is rapidly spreading worldwide. Google thought to educate its users by introducing a brand-new educational website. Moreover, Google launched an educational web site on the coronavirus that encompasses material on the subject and information approved for the pandemic.

Furthermore, the thought of this new website comes a week after President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence announced that Google was building a test website across the country, where Americans could answer a questionnaire and be directed to test sites.

However, Google does not claim the information of the administration and the web site, which is not included in an explanation. The website, which addresses link is, is “focused on local education about the virus, how to make sure it does not spread preventions, etc, and resources. People can find state information, safety and prevention tips, research trends related to COVID-19, and supplementary properties for individuals, educators and companies “, said Google in a blog entry recently.

Google COVID-19 Educational Website
Google COVID-19 Educational Website

In addition, Google’s tactics were overdue earlier this week when it said it hoped to link to a screening tool industrialized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It appears that this tool is not yet ready, and it is not clear when it can be accomplished.

On the other hand, the enormous of the examination also said Saturday that reliable information about the coronavirus will begin to emerge directly in search results and on Google Maps as Americans search for medical services. You can also find some useful and helpful information as we mentioned above. Apart from this, you can see the number of cases till now. You can also find relevant numbers to dial for further details and emergency states.

Certainly, a corporation associated with Google, planned by the same parent, Alphabet, launched its version of a test website on Monday. Its physiognomies are closer than the Trump administration has imagined. However, this web site is not created by Google.

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