When it comes to details about the GTA 6, Rockstar Games has mostly remained silent. However, their silence hasn’t stopped “Grand Theft Auto” fans from searching for leaks and information about the rumored upcoming title. Some “GTA Online” players claim that the most recent set of “Gerald’s Last Play” missions drop hints about the GTA 6.

Rockstar launched a set of six new contact missions called “Gerald’s Last Play”, on Friday, April 24. In these missions players have to assist the dealer in preparing to exit the Los Santos drug market. Gerald has told players, “Word is we got hard times coming. The way I see it, we gotta make bank before s**t hits the fan.”

This has led to some gossip among “GTA 6” fans who are talking about the latest mission released by Rockstar Games to “GTA Online” on Reddit. A Redditor called ‘bozidarilic’ is questioning whether the message from Gerald’s Last Play means something. He believes it contains a riveting wordplay. His query has resulted in opening the eyes of many other players who now seem to be alleging that Rockstar Games may have intentionally messed with the wording of the mission.

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Others suspect that the wording could be indicating a brand new heist but another prospect presented by another Redditor named Hazebuster2708 has made things more fascinating. He suggests that the map of “GTA Online” does not indicate a new heist, instead he says, that it highlights the likelihood of a possible alien invasion auto shop floor that players could unlock.

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The Reddit user points out the cryptic poster with texts saying, “Los Santos 2020,” alongside the photo of an alien. Another Reddit user known as TheBarrowCasual mentions that about two months ago, someone uncovered on the chiliad mystery page a hidden number 355. He also took into consideration the fact that some players suppose something huge would happen in the game when it hits the 355th target.

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TheBarrowCasual shares that he personally assumes that it might be the game’s final DLC. Another Reddit user, Dintol pointed out a post made by a popular Rockstar Games insider Chris Liberty which revealed that the “GTA 6” has been in the pre-production stage since 2014. However, the post has now been deleted.

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