For PlayStation 5, the DualSense controller which was officially revealed last week by Sony. Apparently, that’s more than company has done for the PS5 itself. A lot of information regarding the PlayStation 5’s internal specifications have already been rolled out to the public. However, the console’s look and design are yet to be revealed.

Fortunately, various designs have been presented by many talented people. Most of these designs displayed either all-black, or all-white sleek console that seems to be identical to the general layout of the DualSense controller.

Based on the leaks and rumours that have been heard so far, Future Publishing’s senior motion & 3D designer, Dan Pearce, came up with slick designs of the PS5 console. His design shows that the new console is heavily influenced by PS5’s DualSense controller. A ridge on top of the console is displayed that houses the disc drive. Standard USB ports are located below it. It has a two-tone colour scheme. The DualSense’s ergonomic curves in black and dark grey are displayed here along with the blue LEDs running throughout the console, just like on the controller.

(Image credit: Future)

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Pearce’s design also reveals a Blu-ray player to be present in the PS5. A Blu-ray player which has the capability of playing 4K UHD discs can be expected. Even though games are moving towards a being digital downloads only, a disc drive is expected. It is rumoured that Sony is to stick to producing retail copies of its next-generation console games. This is to be done along with ECO-friendly packaging.

Pearce’s design of PS5 is certainly unique from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X’s vertical boxy rectangle. It’s also way better than the PS5 developer kit with an overall rectangular footprint but a big V-shaped cutout in the console middle to get air to flow over its powerful components.

Besides this, what grabbed our attention was the concept images of the PS5 by LetsGoDigital which also included a disc of GTA 6.

Photo Credit: LetsGoDigital
Photo Credit: LetsGoDigital
Photo Credit: LetsGoDigital

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According to LetsGoDigital, the all-black concept design of the console is also available. Nonetheless, the two-tone glossy white and black console appears to be more attractive. Despite the controller still depicts official two-tone color, its shape has been transformed into a ‘boxier frame’.

We would love to see the PS5 to actually have some of the features and designs depicted by Pearce or LetsGoDigital. But we will just have to be patient for Sony to finally reveal more details about the PS5’s original design. Please let us know in comments about what you think of these beautiful designs.

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