Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung has been the finest and best seller of smartphones in the industry right now. They are working hard to present the newest and best possible features in their smartphones. The Galaxy Note 20 variety probably has fans of the world’s most passionate smartphone.

Now, let’s talk about the new smartphone by Samsung which Note 20. Now that the first leaks of the Galaxy Note 20 have arrived, the wait makes perfect sense. Here’s the reason why?

What’s new in Samsung Note 20?

According to the new series Galaxy Note, 20 is codenamed “Project Canvas” and this is another great spoiler. Whereas the S Pen in the Note choice has already been great for note-taking (and good enough for drawing), this codename specificity recommends a major inform in 2020.

Furthermore, recently there’s a huge leaked by the Ice Universe that has already revealed that “The new features are amazing and worth the wait. But then again it is expected to be in both hardware and software. The Note range will go to the same brand” 20 “as the S series (which had a huge camera to mark this new beginning) and for the Galaxy Note, 20 is the S Pen that is renewed.

Samsung Note’s New Display, Camera and Performance details

For those whose more into the large display and huge screen lovers. This phone display is for those who see a step forward from the already superlative Galaxy S20 screens.

We all know thanks to Samsung, which announced that its OLED display has better-quality have now come in mass production, which means that the owner of the Galaxy S20 was not long ago.

Another great thing that Samsung promises is lower energy ingesting. They also sated about this phone that “Our OLED display is optimized for 5G by illuminating the 5G control with its crystal-clear images, distinctive design, energy consumption, and economic functionality. More and more protective for eyes “.

On the other hand, the powerful camera will be a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but will use the 108 MP peace camera in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This already sounds pretty interesting. While the performance of this phone is something, we are expecting to be great with loaded features.

The Galaxy Note 20 line will include the geographical division of Snapdragon 865 / Exynos 990 (the United States gets Snapdragon, all the others get Exynos) of the series S20 and 5G. Samsung has already confirmed some new memory updates, the big question is that Samsung will also add a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Let’s wait and watch.

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