Top 5 Work From Home Apps
Top 5 Work From Home Apps

As we all know that the outbreak of the deadly virus is called Coronavirus which is spreading rapidly and people nowadays prefer to work from home. Also, global cases of COVID-19 are approaching 200,000 brands and governments around the world are issuing advice on social distancing to contain the disease.

Recently, the corporate world also encourages its employees to work from home. Under such conditions, messaging apps become very important for job coordination. Now if you are wondering which app is best and fast while working home.   Then, here’s the detail of the top 5 apps to use if you’re working from home.


One of the most known and most liked apps which is called WhatsApp. This is the most convenient and easy to use the app. Furthermore, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. Facebook’s proprietary platform is easy to use, intuitive and allows you to communicate instantly with a large group. It also has a transmission function, where you can send a message to the personal chats of multiple people at the same time. While, it also offers to send pictures, video calling (best to use for communicating for conference calls and online meetings).


Next on our list is this amazing app which is called the Slack app. It not only offers you one but three different methods to communicate.  The first one is the direct message, a private channel and a public channel. It has a keyword-based search persistence. Slack has acquired the competitor HipChat and is one of the most popular messaging apps. You can use this for official work and messaging.

RingCentral Glip

Next on the list is a company with many call-based works systems that can use this app. Someone with only Ring Central can also connect to Glip users. It offers free unlimited posts, storage, and guests with 500 minutes of unpaid shared video chat.

Google Hangouts

Another great choice for messaging is this Corporate home with G Suite. it should look no further than Google’s messaging app Hangouts. You can create a room and invite members to it and everything you share reaches all members of the room. It works like WhatsApp groups. Hangouts also offer a video chat feature of 250 awaits who join simultaneously.

Microsoft Team

Last on our list is the Microsoft Teams which is provided with the Microsoft Office subscription, which is easily accessible. The app works on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and the web. The app is best suited for business conversations and meetings. We recommend this app for more official and business messaging propose. Plus, it is super easy to use and handle.

We hope that this guide helped you choose the perfect app for your next online meeting or usual chatting. Let us know in the comment section about these apps.

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