work from home
work from home

During this global coronavirus pandemic, you must be working from home now. You are free to work from bed and rest in a bathrobe and bunny slippers all day, skip showers and forget to shave. While such unbridled laziness sounds like fun, there is actually a better way to stay happy and sane in the weeks and maybe months of quarantine – follow the routine, using technology and common sense as your guide.

If you are trying to stay healthy and productive you can use your smartphone, smart apps on your phone devices to stay active during isolation. These are the few most significant elements of my daily routine and how you can adopt them in your new work life.

Take your coffee Break!

In the office, it takes usually about a hundred steps to get from one desk to the coffee machine, but at home, we must be literally only 10 steps away. To increase your daily step count start setting up reminders on your smartphones that literally said, “Have a coffee!” to remind yourself to walk for a few minutes.

You Can Use Phone Apps to Stay Motivated

To stay motivated you need to set up about five or six daily reminders on a smartphone. On Android devices, the Google Assistant is just as good at setting reminders, and Google Calendar now looks impressive in dark mode.

To make sure you get up and move around often, we can keep track of our daily step count with your Apple Watch, though your iPhone can only follow the steps as long as you take it with you wherever you go, same for Android phones as well as Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin fitness trackers.

Whatever you need a nudge to do something: take a break, take a walk, start a workout at home, call a friend, or even when to stop work during the day – reminders, appointments, and alarms can help. Replace the natural breaks and transitions you would have in a typical workday.

Schedule Calls to Socialize with Co-workers

If you usually work from home then you must be using Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams for compulsory one-on-one meetings with your boss, but how do you keep up with the social aspects of your work associations? Greasing social gears is an influential and important way to avoid feelings of isolation and deliberateness. In fact, optimistic relationships with our coworkers have been exposed to progress both job performance and job satisfaction, so try to schedule a daily break with colleagues just to catch the breeze or meet up at Zoom for lunch.

If socializing after hours is the way you and your coworkers generally relax, schedule a virtual happy hour one day a week. Hope these suggestions help you stay focused and motivated.

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